What we do

Our company is dedicated to producing the most excellent food-producing perennials available. All our plants are fully inoculated with several mixtures of symbiotic mycorrhizae and bacteria and supplied with micronutrient fertilizer. Our trees are hardy and nutritious, for both people and wildlife.

All of our plants spend a year or more in our direct care at our facility. We do not reship from third party suppliers as many companies do, that we may ensure the highest quality of product to you.

Who we are

We are a small startup, worker-owned and run by Ben de Vries, a permaculture biologist, Sherry Kennedy, a 101st Airborne Army veteran, and her son Colby Kennedy, an Environmental Science student.

We Value Integrity

We spend a great deal of time selecting the best plants possible from our inventory and guarantee they arrive in healthy condition. Spending a long time in transit can be stressful for plants, and in some cases, they will show minor signs of stress. This is natural and nothing to be concerned about; they will perk up in a few days to a couple of weeks. If the plant deteriorates in health and perishes due to apparent stress of shipping and handling, or any other factor within our responsibility, we will either replace the plant, send a full refund, or reach a reasonable agreement. Our guarantee is valid for 30 days from the date the plant is received. We do not guarantee plants that perish due to customer neglect or factors outside our responsibility. The most common factors being: 1) Forgetting to water the plant when necessary. 2) Extreme heat or cold. 3) Choosing a plant that is not hardy for a specific climate; we try to recommend the best plant for each customer and warn those who choose a plant that may be risky for their climate. However, sometimes, one may order a plant not suitable for their area, and we do not notice their error.


Our Services

We offer site evaluations and recommendation reports and designs tailored to site-specific conditions, for food forest and game forage. We also can grow out custom orders for our client's specific applications. Please ask about wholesale prices, and we do discounts for bulk orders. Shop our trees